Blacklisted Plugins!

I’m having an issue with Cubase 11 that it randomly at times blacklists all my VST 2 / 2.4 plugins.

I’ve read on forums that VST 2 isn’t supported however I started a project yesterday with all my plugins working fine, then when I opened it today all plugins aren’t working and are in the blacklist folder.

I know I can reactivate them, but that means going through a ton of plugins one by one.

Is there a way I can stop Cubase from doing this?


Cubase should not do that and does not do that here and vst 2.4 is fully supported. So I am guessing something weird happened and that can happen lol. What you can do is go to the cubase data folder where the xml’s are and delete both the blacklisted and whitelisted plugins xml’s.
This will rescan all your plugins like a fresh install. If this helps it was maybe just a fluke, but if it remains there is a serious problem.
BTW you didn’t mention what plugins where blacklisted. Sometimes a whole brand or series of plugins can go bad and it is then a problem with a windows update or an authorisation or a driver etc.