Blacklisted VST

Hi everyone,

I am a facing a very annoying problem here with Cubase LE 5. I have recently installed the Symphonic Orchestra Vst by Eas West and it gets blacklisted. It can be found in the blacklist.xml file in my Appdata folder.

I tried to edit/delete the file however none of these solved my problem. Whenever I delete or edit the file and then launch Cubase it stucks at the point ‘Initializing: VST 2.x plugin -> EWQL vst’ and the blacklist.xml file appears again. I also tried updating the vst folder in the Devices->Plugin information submenu but everytime I try this Cubase.exe stops working.

It is really annoying that I cannot use my vst plugin. It also happens to the izotope plugins.

Do you have any possible solution for this matter?

I am looking forward to your reply.


Upgrade Cubase.

Do you use bridged plugins?
Cubase can only load one instance per plugin, bridged OR not bridged, not both at the same time.

Hope this helps!