Blacklisted VSTs

Hello there,

I’ve been using some of my VSTs with the same setup (MacOS El Capitán & Cubase Pro 8.5.0) for a long time without any problem, but from some time ago some of my plugins has been blacklisted by Cubase. I’ve reinstalled it from scracth, I’ve updated the plugins, I’ve changed the folder which they are located.

I don’t have idea why the plugins has been blacklisted because apparently I didn’t change nothing in my current setup.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance

Why exactly Cubase blacklists some plugins is something that only Cubase and/or plugin developers can tell. Maybe Cubase thinks that the plugin doesn’t correctly adhere to the VST spec, maybe it crashes. Not much you can do there except maybe check whether there are newer versions of the plugin available that don’t get blacklisted. Or just un-blacklist them and continue using them if they work without problems…

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I’ve tried to un-blacklist them without success. They come to the blacklist again. Also, it is very weird due I have two different computers with the same OS, one of them shows the plugins and the other doesn’t.

That does seem to be weird, but then those two systems won’t for sure be completely identical.
Does Cubase say in the plugin manager why it blocks the plugins? Sometimes there is a comment in the “blocklist” tab (but I don’t know whether that exists in 8.5).
Does Cubase crash while scanning the plugins?

I’m afraid that the blacklist tab doesn’t exist in 8.5. (Or at least I didn’t find it). I’m starting to think that some other VST added after all could be creating that problem, but I’ve been removing some of the newer plugins with no luck. The strange thing is that “Tyrell” from U-He is showing but the others coming from the same company (and living in the same folder don’t. Thanks again. Cubase doesn’t crash by the way.

Are you using the vst2 or vst3 version? With such an older version of cubase, I’d use the vst2 ones preferably, especially with u-he plugins.
But you could try both.

I’ve tried bot. Zebra installs both versions.

Yesterday I was removing. all the blacklisted VSTs and I’ve installed an old version of Zebra. It worked. I received also a mail from U-he Support. It seems that there is a system update on El Capitán that can create problems. The file is /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileDevice.framework and as they said to me I had two options: revert to some older backup copy without the update or just replace the file (which needs to be SIP disabled). I did the second one, but the problem is still there.

I’ll contact them again in order to see if I need to do something more. The other option would be to recover a Time Machine copy of my other computer and load it on the one that is causing problems.

I tried with Zebra 2.9.3 and 2.9.2 but none of them worked. But I’ve tried version 2.9.1 and it works, so I’ll keep this one.

It could be because my computer is old (2011) and the latest Zebra versions do require a CPU that supports SSE4.2. But I’m not sure. So the problem mainly was (in this case) in the Zebra version.