Blackmagic Intensity Pro doesn't output any video


I’ve installed the Intensity Pro and I can’t output any video. The card works with other programs, such Adobe’s.

I’ve tried reinstall the Drivers and trash some preference files.

Any suggestion?


Did you flag the Blackmagic output in the video player Device Settings?


I have troubles getting output as well, depends on the codecs and resolution I guess. Also aspect ratio issues…


Fredo, you’re absolutely right. I did not realize that I had to set that (I searched along Internet without success).

I have very low frame rate, any idea?


What do you mean by that?

The framerate is something that is imposed by the video. So if the video is coded @25fps, and your project is @25fps, then your card should output 25fps.
If there is a mismatch between project and video framerate, it will be shown in your videotrack.


Sorry, long night (working). I meant that Nuendo skips A LOT of frames, but, I found that it’s a problem with BM own format. Every other format works perfect.

Any low CPU codec/compression rate suggestion?

Thanks for the help!


Photo Jpeg.



I know photo jpeg still works good. But it is slow to encode to. Bad for HD, and it is a single threaded playback codec.
Eventhough p and mjpeg still are good, I’d recommend properly bandwidth h.264 (at least for HD)
Or Prores if you have the disk space.


Hi Pål,

Any settings? I remenber there is a great post about it somewhere. Is ProRes even better than H264 for CPU performance?


Search for the post. Prores is better because it doesn’t have to use as much CPU when calculating the frames.
However, Prores is more demanding on the disk drive.

I’d use Prores if that’s what you get from the editor. (Avid DNxHD also good). Then I’d use h.264 everytime I had to re-encode a video myself, and most often these days, the video you get already is h.264 and works great.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Which settings are you sing for H264.
I don’t have good experiences with H264, though most were heavily compressed.


I use H264 too. But usually working at SD quality, not HD

I use QuickTime with dvpal codec for sd and works well

A good settings for HD will be great.