Blacmagic Intensity Pro video card not showing up in Nuendo 8

Hey guys,

I’ve been running Nuendo 6 using my Blackmagic Intensity Pro as a video output card.
Now I upgraded to Nuendo 8 and the card is not showing up.

The manual says that any video cards used with N8 need to support OpenGL 2.0 and I wonder if that’s the issue?
I couldn’t find any information, whether my card (it’s the “old” PCI version of the BM IntensityPro, not the 4k version) does
support the standard, so maybe someone here has experienced the same problem and is able to help?

Thanks for any answers!

What driver are you running?
It won’t run with the later versions. I had to back up quite a bit 6.x something was the first version I found that worked.
These are old unsupported cards now so I guess it is time to replace them, but it just feels bad trashing fully working stuff.


I’m running the 2K PCIe BM Intensity Pro cards with no issue.
Some times when upgrading you need to uninstall the BM driver and reinstall,i’m using fairly recent drivers.
Give that a crack

Good Luck