Blank bars (+a workaround)

I was wondering if it is possible to hide the bar rests in an empty bar to leave a truly blank bar?

I did find one possible workaround: select the rest (or rests in question), open up the properties tab, turn the color switch on, and then choose a color and set it to 0% opacity.

It would be easier if there was built-in functionality, however. Can this be done?

You can switch off the display of bar rests for a particular layout on the Players page of Layout Options.

But what if you want to hide them on a case by case? Fx with a whole bar of cross staff beaming I would like to hide one of the bar rests.

You would have to use the ‘Ends voice’ property on the note previous to the bar rest in the same voice; switch on View > Note Colors > Voice Colors to identify which one that is.

My thought as well. The B in bar 8 is in the blue voice and set to ‘Ends voice’. However bar 9 has the bar rest in that voice as well.
Skærmbillede 2016-10-26 kl. 18.13.53.png

Hiding bar rests automatically when using cross-staff notation is a pretty high priority so I hope you won’t have this problem for much longer.