Blank Inspector 10.5

The Inspector window is blank. I’m working with long time users who are stumped, they inspector blank|197x344 can’t figure out what happened. New project doesn’t revert. I tried updating to 10.5.3 hoping I had a corrupted inspector, nope just the same. Really impacts my mixing not having those controls easily accessible. I worked around it while recording my stem, but I’m frustrated. I check out the forum, searched online for troubleshooting advice, the online manual doesn’t have a troubleshooting guide. Add to that you all are only open 4 hours. M-F. I thought that maybe upgrading to artist might fix it, but I have my doubts. Plus I couldn’t find upgrade pricing from Elements to Artist it just goes to Pro? Is there a way other than holding in the phone que. Can I setup a time? OR have you seen this before? I hope it is something simple.

Can you see the Setup button?

No if I right click in the window there is a set up but only two items

All the inserts, sends, and more aren’t available to select. See the attached.

What is selected in the track list? Inspector changes with selected tracks

Where exactly did you click to get that Setup Window.

In general the more context you can provide in a screen-shot the better. That typically means zooming out and showing more.