Blank Measure Weirdness

Dorico 3.5. Working on a big band arrangement from modified template.
In the middle of my score I had three trombones where all of a sudden all measures to the end were blank - no music no rests. Nothing to select in the measure. After some experimenting I found that starting to enter music (CMD-N) in the measure before and using cursor key to move into affected region I could enter music. After entering one note all following measures started looking normal again. Can’t explain what that was.

The rests had probably been removed in that region, and the notes before the region and after it had the Start/End Voice property set.

Interesting. I wouldn’t know how to do intentionally what you suggest.

Was it an XML import?

The easiest solution for the future would be to select all notes, then make sure that property is toggled off in the Properties Panel.

When you do, the blank measures should display correctly again.

The problem in my case is that there is nothing in the affected measure that can be selected. However, while the affected staves are in a Dorico template I did import content from .XML. And this is the only time I have ever seen this. This was XML export from Finale and I wonder if there were measure attributes (like slashes etc) in the source.

What I mean is that the pertinent properties that need to be removed are actually in the notes immediately before and immediately after the blank section.

What Dan said is right, it’s actually the last note in the bar before, but if you ever can’t figure out what’s causing it, typing Shift-B, rest, Enter will usually fix it too.