Blank measure won't go away


I have a measure in a piece of music that won’t go away (image attached). The treble clef in m. 67 should not be there, and for the instrument, in layout options> vertical spacing<staff visibility, I have it set as “all systems” for “hide empty staves.”

Before, I believe had a “motto rall.” attached to the empty treble clef in m. 67 (which was meant for the bass clef measure), which I think why it was not deleting. I removed that, and now to try to reset the setting, I changed the setting and then changed it back to “all systems,” but the measure is still showing. I’m curious what am I doing wrong that the blank measure is still showing? Thanks.

Dorico will only hide an empty stave if it’s empty for the whole system. The top staff has notes in bar 68 so it has to show in bar 67 too (unless you rejig your system breaks in such a way that bar 68 starts a new system).

If you really want to hide bar 67 upper staff, select it right-click>staff>remove staff. Then in bar 68, select the remaining lower staff and right-click>staff>add staff above.