Blank measures without rests

I did a MusicXML import, and am now doing various cut/copy/paste/explode functions to move the imported music around. As you can see in the screenshot, Trombone 3 is entirely blank (not even whole rests) - and Dorico is not letting me select those measures, nor paste into them, nor anything else. What do I do?

Click on the first note that appears in that instrument, open Propeties. Is “Starts Voice” selected?

There is no first note in that instrument. This is m1. There’s nothing I can click on.

Ohhh I get it - after a lot of trial and error. I found the first note in trombone 3 (it’s measure 20-something) and then found “starts voice” was switched on. Once switched off, all rests before that appeared and I could continue work. Thank you.

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For future MusicXML imports, you might consider going to the MusicXML Import page of Preferences and switching off all of the options there: the more that you allow Dorico to handle rather than trying to maintain the appearance of the incoming MusicXML data, the fewer of these sorts of issues you will encounter. The trade-off is that the resulting flow will be much closer to what you would get simply by typing the music into Dorico in the first place, rather than maintaining some of the choices made by the person who originally input the music into another application.


Thanks for this extra tip - I will try this on future MusicXML imports.

Double-click in the first bar; type Shift B to activate the Bars popover, and type rest.