Blank page altering staff format

Hi all,

Just wondering if this is something I am doing wrong or maybe a bug.

I have a finished score including a lot of adjustments to individual staff spacings vertically. I inserted a blank page at the start of the score no master page stuff, just completely blank. The formatting for the staff spacing throughout the score is now all messed up.

Thanks in advance,

This is expected behaviour. Please see the “important” section on this page in the manual: Moving individual staves/systems vertically

By way of practical solutions, it’s a case of either committing to dealing with the staff spacing again, or undoing and preparing your front matter separately.

Thanks @ pianoleo.

If you can use the default settings for vertical spacing to get closer to your desired result before moving individual staves, that often produces a more stable result.

Thanks Lillie! Definitely helps. This is definitely one of those moments I need to let Dorico do its default behaviour before I go pushing it… Which is another example of other score software ptsd where hack and slash is the norm…