Blank page at when the Act. Manager tries to sign in

Hi All,
I get rid of my old laptop ( a lot of BSOD) and deactivate my license.
I get a new computer, but when using Download Assistant to get access it ask me to SIGN IN, when cliking in it I get only an white page at ???
I’m in ASUS W10 cub 12
Can somebody help me out.
Thank you.

Please, it sounds like this is an important and time sensitive request. You can help yourself by making the title specific to what you’re asking.

I’ll take care of it for you this time.

Hi Steve,
Thank you to care! Normally Things going pretty well, I don’t post much request and not very used to it.
It seem to me when I create my post I Tittle it ’ Sign in failed’
Maybe I did something wrong… sorry for that!

yes, and then I replied, and edited the title to be meaningful. Hopefully you will get a solution.

Thank you Steve,
Cleared cookies and cache of EDGE, but it doesn’t work. So I install Mozilla Firefox and it working now.
Bless You.

Glad you got it going!