Blank page when I open Wavelab 11.1

Hey guys. I just upgraded to 11.1 Wavelab 10 works as normal when I open it and I know that Wevelab 11.1 is new files. But when I open Wavelab 11.1 the Page is blank and I would need to rebuild what I need. Is there a template that I can load so I dont open to a blank page? Thanks for any help.

Maybe simply drop an audio file to WaveLab, to remove the blank page.

Also, a screen shot of what you’re seeing is always helpful as “blank page” can be interpreted in many ways.

There are options for what you see when you open WaveLab which on Mac you can prompt by holding Command while WaveLab launches. Not sure what the Windows version of that is. (see attached)

Lastly, when you first installed WaveLab 11 it should have asked if you wanted import your WaveLab 10 Preferences but transferring them manually is also an option. Here’s a video about it:

Thanks for the reply. I attached a sreenshot. Wavelab 10 opens proper. But Wavelab 11.1 is just a start screen empty.

That is very empty. I always have WaveLab open with an empty space but I at least get the meter and tools windows:

That is what I always get. Except for when I upgraded.

Hopefully PG has a solution for you.

Thanks. It is just one of those occasional upgrade bugs. I send an email with the screenshot to support. It’s strange that the ribbon is not there.


What you could try is this:

Open WL 10.

Arrange the screen the way you would like it to look by default.

Save that as a Project File>Save As>Project Save this somewhere easy to locate.

Close WL 10.

Open WL 11.

From the opening splash dialogue, go to Recent>Project>Browse and search for the Project wpr file you created in WL10.

Open that and it should open with the screen that you want as a default.

Then, go to (top left of screen) Workspace>Layout>Save current Layout As Default.

Hopefully, that works for you.

Thanks Paul. that was the first thing I tried. I hope PG can help. It is a weird bug…

I figured it out guys and thanks for pitching in. I don’t know how it opened as blank but I went into workspaces and got it set up. Thanks all! :slight_smile:

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I’ve installed Wavelab 11.1 from scratch on a fresh Windows PC, had the same issue. File → New and File → Open didn’t work. Selecting a workspace did the trick. Thank you!


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I have the same issue w/ Wavelab 11 (opens a blank screen, no workspace, no indication that file is actually open). What are the steps to use the workspace selection?