Blank staff custom size increase

I have a project that is being used solely as a graphics export file.

I have several flows. Some of the flows have music. Those flows I selected on the first note, then did a change staff size to a custom size, then increased to 150%.

I have a few blank staves (only clef and key signature). I am trying to change their size to 150% as well. But cannot seem to find a way.

Does somebody know what I am missing?


I believe Dorico will only let you right-click and resize a staff with something explicit on it (such as a note). What happens if you temporarily input a note, right click and adjust the staff size, and then delete the note?

Alternatively, if it’s all flows and all staves you want to increase, why not just change the staff size for the whole layout in Layout Options? Or if it’s all staves, then why not apply a system break at the very start of the (empty) flow and change the rastral size from that break?

Ooooh… that might be the trick. Let me give it a try.


Part of the problem, is that I am already in this by several flows. I adjusted several flows already to meet certain needs. Changing the size now will destroy what I already did.

You suggestion of putting in a note, changing the size, then deleting it was right on the money! It worked that way.

Thanks for the great suggestions!


For the second idea I had it shouldn’t hurt anything if you insert the restorative system break (e.g. the one that resets the space size to the original one) before you insert the system break that’s going to increase the space.

For example, you have a default 1.75 staff size throughout.
You want bars 8-15 to be bigger.
Set a system break at bar 16 that sets the staff size to 1.75 (which it already is).
THEN set a system break at bar 8 that sets the staff size to 1.95.


Yeah, I see what you mean. But the problem is, the other flows were given a percentage increase based on the standard size that I had selected (Rastral 3 I believe), one might have been at 150%, another at 175%, etc.

I didn’t feel like changing everything and then having to guess at the sizes I used and percentages later. I agree, that maybe I should consider this next time around as the option to use. But I wasn’t that forward thinking in creating my initial file.


Robby, how do you specify 150%? I only see the space sizes like 1.75 or 1.2
Did you do the calculation yourself? 150%=1.75x1.5 ?

Select a note, and right click to get the menu.

Under staff size, there is an option for custom staff size. Click it, and in the menu it allows you to do a percentage.


thank you Robby, the context menu one should never forget :slight_smile: