Blank staves within flows

So I have a piece with 21 flows BUT it is subdivided structurally into 3 parts. I love the blank the staves option at the end of the last Flow. Is it possible to put that in the middle of Flows? I would like to have a set of blank staves at the end of each part (as in: last flow of Part I - blank staves, last flow of Part II - blank staves, etc.)(see image).

Not automatically, but as you have Pro and Engrave mode, you could instead adjust the formatting so you have enough space to draw in a music frame, and show blank staves in that. For example, you could insert a frame break so flow 12 starts on the next page, and draw in a music frame in the space where flow 12 used to be.

Depending on how you want to go about it, you could simply select the layout option to “always begin flows at the top of a new page” rather than having them run on together, and then also select to fill the rest of any used frames with blank staves.

The layout option to fill the page after the last flow really does only apply to the very last flow in the layout, so I think where the OP wants blank staves between two flows that won’t suffice.

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Hmmm. Interesting. I don’t use that option but I assumed it was any flow that didn’t fill a page.

It would be great to have the power to override that option. In a pinch, is it possible to duplicate the flow (or set of flows) as a separate Dorico file to achieve the effect?

You could have separate layouts for each part - that is, 3 layouts that each contains only the flows for Part I, II, or III. You can change the initial page number of each layout if you want to combine them as a single PDF later.