Bleed Between Cue Mixes in Control Room

Hi all,

Newbie to Cubase from Pro Tools, and I’m so happy to have come to the light! :smiley:

My question deals with Control Room. I believe I’ve followed all instructions to a tee from Greg’s awesome video explaining it, and my routing on my Focusrite Clarett 8PreX seems to be routing everything okay. All of my routing seems to look fine in control room panel as well.

Here’s my issue…

When I switch between the different cues and the mix, the mixes seem to all bleed into each other. For example, when I have the click on in “C1,” I can still hear it in “C4.” Or, when I have the drums only in “C1” I can also hear them in “C4.”

I’m obviously still doing something wrong, so any suggestions would be great!


Could you please attach a screenshot of the MixConsole, where we can see the situation (so the Cue tab open, Control Room Cue open, etc)?

Wondering if there is something in the Focusrite mixer control software that could be causing this?

Regards :sunglasses:

Here they are. I’ve followed Focusrite’s instructions very thoroughly, so I think things are okay on that end, but I also could be wrong and may need to look further.


Thank you for the screenshots.

Where exactly do you have this Click On? Do I understand you right, it’s not switched On on any of the screenshot, right?

How is the Metronome Settings in Cubase, please?

What is the Focusrite mix setup? Is it only the metronome signal or even the other signal?

And further to Martin’s reply (which I agree with) it looks to me like you have the levels of the instruments set the same on all of the cues…

Hi all, I figured it out…classic easy solution.

I had to turn down the other sends in the Focusrite. Duh
Problem solved!

Been there done that - different interface but same problem.

You are not alone! :wink: