Blind Cubase user on youtube

I found this quite an interesting watch, a blind Steinberg Cubase/CC121 user, explaining how he uses the software, his speedy use of the program using macros and keyboard commands should be of interest to those that only use the mouse normally

Nice find, that’s really motivating me to make the most of what I can do with my eyes, and with Cubase!

wow such a brilliant guy and should be an inspiration to a lot of people .

top find
much appreciated :wink:



I love it!
Im so impressed with this guy!

Imagine what he hears that we dont.
Most of us have our eyes to “see” the music with. All the EQs, filters, etc etc.
He just have his ears. Very talented

Steve, you changed your avatar?


Put some clothes on man! :laughing:


You’ve cut off your ancestors :wink:

Nice catch.

thats how we are Staring the screen with new MC now :laughing:


Uh huh,
And the upgrade cost us the clothes off our back… :smiley:

If this chap designed the Cubase 7 GUI, it would probably look better than it does now. :smiley: