"Blizzard" - Cinematic / Orchestral


An orchestral/cinematic piece written in Cubase 7, using Vienna Symphonic Library (I <3 Expression Maps) for the orchestral instruments, NI Damage for the percussion, and the ever so famous HAlion Sonic for the piano. :stuck_out_tongue:


A very dynamic and most importantly (for me anyway) tuneful piece of music beautifuly arranged…has a sort of “Finlandia” feel about it in places.well done, Kevin

Thats very good writing mate. The VSTi’s sounds excellent. Sounds easily good enough to be used for professional purposes :smiley:

Great writing and mix is wonderful, did you also use MIR for sound stage?

The opening strings are very cool, same for the horn swell. Although they become tiresome though after hearing the same pattern for almost 4 minutes. The horn expression is nicely done. The change at 2 minutes could have been a nice legato section for full strings. The melody could have switched between oboe and flute or something and it sounds a bit vacant and thin without the full woodwind section. The drums sound pretty cool, but the choir doesn’t sound right. There’s some nice harmony in there, certainly gives it the right kind of atmosphere. But my main criticism is the lack of a distinct melody. Overall well done, nice atmosphere to the piece anyway.

wow great. wish I could get Cubase to get past the starting blocks.