Bloated .CPR sizes when saving with spectral layers pro 7

Simple test…

New project
Import stereo mix… Add spectral layers to track and unmix stems…
Drag each unmixed stem to an audio track
Save project

.cpr is 499mb

Add another stereo mix and repeat procedure and press save

Cpr size now 820mb!!


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Reported to Steinberg CAN-32675. Thank you.

Hi thanks I’m on windows 10 20h2

Thanks for reporting!! Hope this can be fixed! Is reproducible every time for me


As I mentioned on the other thread, this is something I’ve seen before when using Melodyne in ARA2

Hi, I use melodyne ara quite a lot and not seen any bloated .cpr files when using that but will keep an eye on it next time

The specific issue I have is cubase 11 with spectral layers 7 and no third party plugins.

reproducable every time, just by performing the unmix stems and saving the .cpr goes from 400kb to 317mb+

new project - save - 361kb
import stereo audio file & save - 362kb
drag audio to audio track & save - 399kb
open event in spectral layers & save - 400kb
process - unmix stems & save - 317MB


understood - I haven’t had the issue for a while, but I ended up with gig .cpr files - looking back it was actually Revoice Pro not melodyne and I don’t use it oftern.

your repro is good though so hopefully Steinberg will fix it…although I have little faith that they will.

just linking to this thread for more info