*** BLUE & BLACK desktop ICONS for C6 + Instructions ***

Hi !

Ever been pizzed because the x86 and x64 -version icons for Cubase are both the same red? Wanna have a, say, BLUE icon (otherwise looking the same) for the 64-bit Cubase 6 (or Cubase 5) ??

Well, I did this for you: Below is a screenshot of my current Windows screen:

Pointed with arrows are the points of interest. To view a larger picture, click this link:


OK, you want the ICON FILE already? Here you go:


Full-size preview:

So I won’t start writing down some bunch of details on how to install this, since I don’t know whether you even like this or now, but I LLLLOVE IT !!! If some interested people want to utilize this blue icon, then I’ll post the complete instructions (Windows 7 only) if someone is unable to do it.

Another cool Tommy Dee-graphic :mrgreen: Cheerz!!

can you do a black one ?
:laughing: :laughing:

very smart ,yes i like it dude !

Thanks Tommy, I like the blue one, nice:)!

Terveisia Australiasta :wink: ,


Very classy - like it Tommi!

You really want a black one? :slight_smile: Or BLACK/SILVER amybe?? :wink:

There you have it:


Full-size preview:

You asked for it, Tommy Dee delivers :sunglasses:

Check from above.

nice one tommy that will look good on my black wallpaper ! " joke" great job cheers dude


Yeah :slight_smile: I edited the lower, black side of the logo (both the “ball” and then the bigger part) so that it has the shading to (meaning, not all black). Looks way better.

The black one isn’t as smooth as the blue one, you might want to fix that.
I love the idea though, good thinking!
Will probably make my own in 2 shades of red, feels a bit wrong to me to have a cubase logo not red. :sunglasses:

Aloha Tommy
and once again very nice work.

So is the music on your site.
Love the lo vocal work.


Wow, thanks dude! Nice reading this. Cheerz and stay metal! \m/

That’s true!! I didn’t notice (the smoothness drop). Thanks, I’ll change them right-away. Don’t know what happened there :slight_smile:

Anywayz, hope that Steiny won’t sue my *ss for altering their logo :smiley:

Fixed !

Thanks for posting the different colored icons, however, I do not know how to implement them. Could you post the directions for windows 7?



Yes, of course! As I promised.

It’s not as straight-forward as one might this. Please complete the steps below:

  1. Unzip the downloaded .ZIP file (with the .ICO-file inside) to the folder that you remember
  2. Right-click the Cubase 6 icon on the desktop, that you want to change the Icon logo for. Menu is opened.
  3. Click “Properties” from the bottom of the menu
  4. a Properties windows opens and then ACTIVATE the SHORTCUT tab
  5. Click “Change Icon”-button under that Shortcut tab-window
  6. a Windows opens which displays only the current ICON graphics. Click BROWSE
  7. Browse on the folder where you unzipped that downloaded ZIP-file(s) and thus have the .ICO-file(s) in it.
  8. Now you can see the .ICO-files on the list at the right side of the browsing window
  9. Click the ICO-file that you want to use, and then click the button OPEN.
  10. Now the browsing window closes and you are back at the CHANGE ICON window…
  11. Now you should see the Icon graphics on that window…
  12. Click OK and also Click OK on that Short-cut properties window.
  13. DONE !!!

Please notify me if the procedure was difficult to understand. I didn’t wanna start using zillion screenshots for now. Those instructions should be quite accurate, but if you have any difficulties, I’d be happy to assist you further.

-Tommy Dee-