Blue Jay in the woods

Wrote this while in a contemplative mood.

Acoustic guitar and cellos.

Recorded in cubase 5.5

nice stuff again Joe,thought it could have used some of your magic vocals at first but then melodies began to pop out of the cellos ,maybe those melodies need a different texture ,or it could be just me who`s a bit slow on the uptake .nice .

Beautiful up lifting piece, was a great way to start my morning. I am unsure why the finger noise is so loud, is it because of an effect or the mic placement. I am curious as to how you are processing and mics/placement for your acoustic.

Beautiful piece with strings and guitar except at 1:48 - 1:50 where it sounds a little thin. I agree with kzrarider that the finger changes on guitar should not be that audible. Throughout the whole piece I miss a strong bass part. I think if you can bring in a nice contrabass line in support of the harmonies it will sound more rounded. And I miss expression in you violins, it sounds like they just play at one volume right through. 0:46 to 0:50 is one ideal place where the strings can swell and shrink in volume again to give it more expression. Great recording !! Michael.

Appreciate the advice. Will try your suggestions.

Nice…but shouldn’t Cellos be in a lower register, If you hadn’t said it was Cellos I would never have known…Kevin

Kevin, I don’t too much about orchestration. After I created my midi track and created the notes, I just picked the instrument that I thought sounded the best. (I have halcion SE that came with cubase 5.5.)
Any suggestions about a different patch would be most welcome.

I have a good friend who is a virtuoso on accordion and I’ve thought about scoring the tune in cubase (never done this) and having him play it.

Why not soft flutes, instead of cellos? Sorry. but those cellos sound dreadful.

However, the song is a nice little affecting tune with some nice changes and superb guitar playing. But those cellos are really BAD, man. :sunglasses:

LOL – your page segued right into “A-D-D” which is wonderful, and describes my relationship with my girlfriend to a “T” :laughing:

BTW – I know you’re not soliciting commentary about “A-D-D” here, but the bass could use just a bit of treatment – I’m not getting the attack portion here – maybe set the attack back a bit on whatever compressor you’re using. Great song, man :sunglasses:

(Incidentally, on the next tune the bass sounds PERFECT)

The guitar tune and playing are both nice (aside from the string noises being so loud) so well done. Solo strings are the hardest thing to make sound good and realistic though, and I have to strongly agree with Twilight in saying that I too really don’t like the sound of them. Anyway, cellos can quite comfortably play at that range and sound pleasant. But the sample used lacks the timbre that is produced from the size of the cellos body. It sounds thinner like a violin or viola. ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ score is the first that springs to my mind of a solo cello playing fairly high up. Plus the solo string lines sound more like a keyboard players playing rather than the mindset of the expression of a solo string (which would be more expressive with both expression and ornaments in the context of playing solo. But I understand all too well of working with what you have. Would be nice to hear it with woodwinds though!

The guitar harmony is very nice and pleasant to listen to. Arranging it for a full string section might sound cool too. Although, I think Twilight is on the right tracks. Woodwinds would sound really nice with this, especially a trio or quartet of flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon.