Blue screen with CS6.0.4 on WIN7 64-bit

If in C6 I try to load a Cubase CPR created in CST5 which uses HAL4, halfway thru the load I get an exception error from Elicenser saying that HAL3 is not present, followed by the BLUE SCREEN. (This is WIN7!!!, 2011)
I recently upgraded from HAL3 to HAL4. Both are still on the elicenser. Last week
I upgraded from CST5 to Cubase 6. I also applied the 6.0.4 update. I have the latest Elicenser.
Using CST5, any CPR that uses HAL4 loads OK. New C6 CPRs using HAL4 works OK.
BUT, a load of my CST5 CPRs use HAL4, and I can’t load them in C6 without getting the BLUE SCREEN.
I have deleted HAL3 via the Control Panel, but the error persists.
Any chance of a workaround?

Nasty! I’ve had one blue screen with my Win7 machine, think it was due to Flash content in a website…

Anyway, back to Cubase - a long shot suggestion. Ask someone on this forum to test opening your project file. If it works, then they can remove HAL3 plugins and resave, then send the project back. I once did this many years ago with SX1 because of a similar crashing problem - a kind person removed some plugins, it all worked again for me and I carried on with the project.

I’ll do it for you tomorrow if it’ll help.


Thanks Mike,
I’ve deleted all references to HAL3/4 via CST5, but something still gets left behind to foul up C6/Elicenser.
I’ve reverted to CST5 to finish off the outstanding CPRs. I expect that changing to both HAL 3 to 4 and CST5 to C6
at the same time, would produce an un-thought-about set of circumstances for the developers.
But BLUE SCREENS in this day and age. Do Apple users experience this? In my days as a system programmer, one could always specify a backstop position to produce ‘A graceful degradation’, and this was before CPUs with hardware memory management.

I’ve found that Apples suffer from the dreaded spinning beach ball - or something like that… The cursor changes to a spinning coloured ball and it just spins away to itself. Not a blue screen because you can usually still shut down in a controlled fashion (well it is unix after all!). But then Apple don’t allow any where near the amount of mix and match hardware that PCs allow so I’m sure they tend to iron out hardware issues quicker and more effectively.

Well, I’m still working on some projects in SX3 with XP because it’s easier than moving up! I’m thinking that if I’m still using my old Juno and Korg analogue keys then I should probably be keeping a legacy OS up and running for those vintage projects that I might need. It’s a pity that some manufacturers don’t let you run their old version products side-by-side like Cubase does. Some of those old products have distinct sounds just like retro hardware does, and I’d very much like to see many more old plugins ported to Win7/64.


You might wanna try a very good registry optimizing software. You never know if something is screwed up with win 7. :slight_smile: