Blue screen with PowerCore Firewire

Is anybody having any success running a PowerCore Firewire with Cubase 6 on XP (SP3)? I know C6 is not supported under XP but if other people are running this configuration successfully I’d like to avoid the upgrade hassles. The blue screen happens when I try to bounce or freeze a track with a PoCo plugin and when I do a mix down with PoCo plugins on tracks. The blue screen sites Pcore.sys as the culprit. Doesn’t matter whether I do a real time or fast bounce.

I’m running the latest Powercore drivers (4.0.3) and it runs fine under Sonar 8.5. Rolling back the drivers is a possibility but the TCE installation for 4.0.3 is totally broken so getting back to my current setup would involve major system hacking.

I’ve informed TCE but no response yet. Forum and Google searches don’t throw up much.


…my guess would be it’s a memory problem. I had this type of problem with the MR816 and I replaced my memory sticks in my computer, (PC) then everything was fine after that. Hope this stears you in the right direction…


I see you mention sp3 for XP. Just a thought here about firewire. Have you downgraded your 1394 driver?
XP Sp2 started a problem with speed.
That patch fixed up 3 XP-sp3 computers for me.
The Registry editing is only needed if adding another 1394 device in the future after applying this patch.
btw - WIn7 has the same problem which is fixed by manually changing the driver to the one with (legacy) at the end of the description.

+1 for what he said ^^… :laughing:

You should be fine inside cubase, & the blue screens will stop, but in my case, and Im using Steinberg Mr816 CSX…the above fix causes Traktor Pro 2 on (Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit)…to stop blue screening, but the crackle & pops I get with the audio buffering is a pain to get rid of, making it totally unuseable for me… SO watch out for problems with other programs after switching to the legacy firewire driver…I have to switch back & forth in certain cases to get decent audio performance!..poo! :laughing:

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. Regarding the issue with XP SP2/3 and Firewire - it turns out that when they released SP3 Microsoft also broke the SP2 Firewire fix sathas refered to so had to issue a other hotfix - see I have installed this one but still PoCo blue screens during a Cubase 6 bounce.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone that does have Powercore Firewire working with C6 under XP. I guess I would also be interested in hearing if Powercore Firewire works in Cubase 6 under Windows 7 'cos it would be a drag to spend the effort to upgrade and it still crashes.


Poco compact with 4.03 software seems to be working fine in W7 x64 using Cubase 6.02 x86.

My buffers are at 1024 & I’m using the legacy firewire driver.

Thanks Grim - I guess I have some fun and games ahead upgrading my system!