BlueArp in Cubase

I’ve already followed an old link in the forums and it eventually leads to another copy of the link, which leads to another copy of the link etc, etc. Having said all that, does anybody actually know how to set-up the BlueARP VST in Cubase 12 so that it actually can be used to drive a built in synth (i.e a Cubase Instrument track) ?

It seems that this question would be best answered by the people who make it, if a Cubase user who has it doesn’t answer…

A web search turns up

Here’s the search I did: BlueARP VST - Google Search

Thanks for the response.
I tried that but all I got was FL studio instructions and they don’t seem to relate very well to cubase. I’ll look a bit closer.

I followed your advice . I did a complete uninstall/reinstall of Bluearp from the instructions provided and have finally got it set up. Looks like I had done something wrong in the download/install steps.
Anyway, thanks for thr help.

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