Bluenoise Plugins releases Drummix Rock 1

Hi everybody!

Bluenoise Plugins has now a little gem for everybody who’s interested in drum plugins. Today we release the Drummix Rock 1 as a VST plugin! This is the second plugin to the Drummix brand.

This is a superb 4-piece kit recorded in one of the best recording studios in the world and the price is only 30 dollars for a limited time.

Drummix Rock 1 comes as a natural extension to the stunning Drummix Metal 1, which has gotten raving reviews by metal heads around the world. Drummix plugins has been tested against all the biggest names in the business and beaten them all in polls.

The plugin comes in stereo and multiple-out version where you can control all the 12 microphones just like a real recorded drum kit.

Check out the plugin here:

Rock 1 | Bluenoise Plugins

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