Bluer Than Bleu

Bluer Than Bleu (‘21)
Fender Stratocaster PU: Neck and Middle.
Bass and drums: Cubase el 9

This Guitar song is a new version.
The CD album “Guitar Feelings” (1995) Haye van den Bosch,
track 12 show “Bluer Than Blue”. Recording analog.
Part of the song can be heard in the Youtube movie;
Fender Stratocaster 1954 - Vanhaye

Really nice. The new version is with a newer Strat? Loved the video of the 1954. The two strats sound very different to me (within the variations of what a strat sounds like). Do you still have the 1954?

I have to confess something.
The old version is a PRS custom 24 (1991).
The new version is the Strat Elite 2015.
I have used the same effect settings as in the past. (Digitech 2101).
Then with a Precision Bass and now with Cubase VST bass.
The analog sound influence is much bigger than I expected.
Today’s digital possibilities are great for home recording.
The strat 54: we still have the pictures.