bluescreen of death when i turn ur44 on

whenever I turn my ur44 on I get the dreaded bluescreen of death and my computer crashes.theres a problem with the driver its conflicting with something my computer runs just fine when the ur44 isn’t turned on the problems only occur once its turned on .
I got told by techsupport the 64bit driver would be ok on my system but it seems the fault lies in the driver.
im running windows 7 64bit service pack 1,4gb ram .intel dual core 3ghz they checked my system specs and said there fine but the windows errors im getting specify its a driver error.
hope someone can help

Give this a go.
Can’t guarantee anything, but it has worked for me in the past when I had a driver conflict causing blue screen.

I tried a program called bluescreen and it tells you what caused my crashes its saying its a file called ntoskml.exe and usbhub.sys…my computer runs fine most of the time but if I start my computer with the ur44 turned on my computer wont boot up and if I try and use my ur44 when im using maschine in standalone as my soundcard that also crashes maschine and causes blue screen…ive just tried it in abelton live and it works but my input 1 on my ur44 is very very loud and hissing even though no mic or cable is plugged into it.

ive sent 2 emails to Steinberg tech support but no one has replied I really need this problem fixing or at least some sort of reply too help me from tech support.