Bluescreen with C6 and X-Fi Elite Pro under Win7 64 Bit

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I recently updated my hardware (mainboard, RAM, CPU, graphics card, …) and installed Win7 64 Bit Ultimate. I am running a Creative X-Fi Elite Pro as my audio-interface which went fine under my previous OS Win Vista 32 Bit. Last week I started a new project in Cubase 6 and a few days later when firing up C6, loading this particular project and pressing play, C6 stopped working and crashed. When I restarted C6 and reloaded the same project and pressed play again, I ended up with a bluescreen.

Yesterday night I ran WinDiag in order to make sure that the bluescreen isn’t caused by any RAM problems. And the RAM is absolutely OK.

After analyzing the mini-dump file it turned out that the file ha20x2k.sys caused the bluescreen (Bug-Code: IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL). Google tells me that this file is part of the Creative X-Fi driver.

Well, I am already using the latest official Creative Win7 64 bit driver (as far as Creative auto-update tells me).

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

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What asio driver are you using in Cubase? Try ASIO4all, I don’t think the X-fi range has its own ASIO drivers.

Yes, Creative provides a specific ASIO 2.0 driver. In C6 I choosed “Creative ASIO” where I can select latencies down to 1 ms. Usually I select 10-20 ms latency.

In a forum I read something about the alternative driver “SB X-Fi Series Support Pack 2.0 (05/15/2009)” by Daniel_K. Could this be a solution?

hello my friends I have the same Issues in windows7 64x “bluescreen” when my mr8csx is on (when I turn off stop it)
but I have another windows 32x in the same PC that works fine with mr816csx but at the windows7 64x I got always bluescreen and dropouts in audio
anybody help me ?
Thanks Adriano