"bluescreens x10 occurences"

Hi all,

My computer causes bluescreens more than 5-10 times when working with Cubase.
I can’t watch youtube tutorials whilst cubase is on.

I re-Formatted my system, updated all drivers and re installed before but it re-occurs.
Cubase had errors upgrading to ver 10.5.20 using the installer as admin.

Please help regarding the blue screens.

EA Shy…
Cubase pro 10.0.60.
windows 10,
UR242 interface


The blue screens are mostly related to a hardware. Please, make sure, all your hardware is Windows 10 compatible (especially your graphic card, please).

Hi :slight_smile:
As Martin said
Blue screens are related to Hardware issues
I’ve had blue screen issues a few times, and every time I find out that the problem is due to a bad Hardware part or conflicting Bios settings, drivers issues Etc…, and the cubase has nothing to do with it, The first thing you have to check it is the Memory cards.

Its a win10 Built 64bit pc. Thx

Perhaps a bios issue, just shutting down pc turns brings the bluescreen.
Got memory stick (no memory card) for bluetooth, mouse-keybd and the cubase dongle.

Hope these are not too many.

Its gotten even worst. So I am ditching PC for apply desktop.
Just needed good desktop specification.