Bluetooth conection problem to Music Studio

Hello, I have a problem connecting my bluetooth speaker to MS, but this is working on other application except MS, every time I tried connecting it doesn’t appear, I also tried other bluetooth speaker but no luck in making it work, I was reading the docs yesterday but it seems no relevant article for my problem.

Hope somebody can point me on the right fix for it, thank you.

Do you use the iOS or the Android version of Music Studio?

On iOS, make sure that the “Bluetooth / Airplay” checkbox is enabled in the setup screen:

I agree it sounds like a settings problem, got the same issue while using aomais sport ii thought it was broke tried using other bluetooth speaker still the same. Following this fix my problem you can follow all the steps but for me it was at point 1.1.5 Bluetooth / Airplay Setup. Hope it sort out the problem.