Bluetooth devices not working - Dorico 2.2 MacBook Pro

Hi All,
I’m enjoying working with Dorico, but have not been able to use my JBL Pulse 3 bluetooth speaker with Dorico (2.2).
Macbook Pro Mojave OS.
I have paired it and it works fine with the audio output from Safari and other apps.
I tried working with the device setup within Dorico and have only succeeded in crashing Dorico or completely muting all output from the internal speakers on playback.
Similarly, there were Dorico playback problems with the Beats headphones that came bundled with the computer, although with those, I was trying the headphone jack, and the output just kept coming through the internal speakers even when other devices were selected.
After searching, I’ve read the threads on folks having similar problems with Bluetooth, but it appears that Dorico is more selective about playback devices. That’s understandable - just looking for a quick fix so I can focus on the music!

See , or search the forum for aggregate device.

Thanks pianoleo -
I read the link, and just now tried to place the Pulse 3 airport speaker into a newly-created aggregate device, but no change - the MacBook speakers are the only output, even if the Pulse 3 is selected, and and the only difference is that the internal speakers just blast out at full volume when I have the Pulse 3 selected. The same thing happened with the Beats headphones. I think Dorico doesn’t just want to talk to this “consumer” - level hardware.
But thanks anyway!

No, it shall work with any device. In Dorico, under Edit > Device Setup, please choose the aggregated device with the Pulse speakers as ASIO driver. Then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop. Please attach it here or send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.