bluetooth headphones and MIDI keyboard-how big latency?


I have just purchased my first laptop. I have ESI maya 44+ usb card but i have noticed that integrated audio works fine which surprised me (asio4all).

I have only 3xUSB so i bought bluetooth mouse to avoid use of USB, now im thinking about purchasing korg micro air 25 keys bluetooth MIDI keyboard and JBL bluetooth headphones.

What are Your thoughts about such equipment?

Does headphones have own asio drivers or i should use asio4all instead?

What latency can i expect?

my laptop: lenovo y700 15 isk - 6700HQ 32 GB RAM, windows 10 home

If someone could share opinion i would be grateful


Bluetooth keyboards can work fine, I know the new seaboard even manages it and that’s more data than regular midi.
I have no experience with them though, so check some reviews online for the specific unit you’re interested in.
As for the headphones, I would personally not risk it. I highly doubt they come with ASIO drivers, and they are simply not designed for very low latency so it would surprise me if they perform well.

I have cheap bt headphones (philips) and using asio4all i managed to achievie latency 9ms in propellerhead reason and even 5 ms but usage of CPU rises x2.

but i have not performerd any advanced tests - i suppose jbl headphones should have asio drivers??