Bluetooth headphones not recognized on Android


Just purchased this app and sad to say, my BT earbuds are not being recognized by Cubasis. I’m using a Pixel 6a with Android 14. I get two options for output (speaker and earpiece) and for input in built microphone 1 and 2.

Not a great start.

Sadly Steinberg makes no effort to support bluetooth on android.

Nobody knows why while every other DAW on android has no problem working with bluetooth hardware.

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Thankz for the heads up… That’s just rubbish. For 30 Euros the least I expect is to be able to listen to my tracks via headphones, even with some latency. Going to get a refund and try out FL Studio Mobile or some other daw.

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Other than the missing bluetooth support cubasis is a great app but yh you will need a wired headset/headphones…

Most bluetooth earbuds n headphones will still work but have weird audio bugs (strange resampling bugs etc)… there is probably certain brands or models that work correct but nobody tested them. Users have seen different bugs on different models (and users that have no problems most likely you wont see in the forum or not looking at forumtopics with problems regarding bluetooth).

It’s frustrating there is no bluetooth support especially since a lot of new android devices dont have mini jack plugs no more and handle wired headphones via usb c, which means you cannot charge your device and use your wired audio at the same time :cry:

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I had no problems with Audio Evolution Mobile,
as seen above.
Very disappointing, Steinberg, if this is the attention to well… not really even details, but basic functionality… while asking for 2-3 times the price of other apps, then I will also reconsider upgrading Cubase on PC. There are evidently greener fields nowadays.
Not that the price is really even the issue, hell I would pay even 100 for a well-functioning app that just works well and can be seamlessly connected to workflow without major hassle.

Please find my updated reply here:

For solution please see this link (ANDROID) The speed of the project is accelerated in Bluetooth headphones - #22 by olidadda

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