Bluetooth headphones

Hi Everyone.
this is my first topic.

I searched for hours for a solution and came empty handed.
so… up until today i used to record my stuff wile wearing a wired headphones connected directly to my monitors. needless to say it is very uncomfortable especially when playing guitar/bass and every time I want to move to my E-piano.
so i purchased a new pair of Sony wh-1000XM3. I love them. they have active sound cancelling and brilliant sound.
I connected them to my computer and was able to listen to wav, mp3, movies, games… etc
When i am working on Cubase and want to playback my project and record, the sound is coming out of my monitors.

what can I do to fix this ?
Thanks a lot.

Hi amikam,

looks as if your Audio Connections in Cubase are incomplete. You may need to add the BT-Device for the headphones as an Output and assign them adequately. Perhaps via functions like Control Room, or track-based “Sends” to there audio output bus.

Alternatively, you can connect a BT-Transmitter to the connector, where you had your wired headphones connected to.

But - before you start digging into it - I have been experimenting with BT quite a lot. Result was, that with BT connections you can get at best to 40 milli seconds latency. THis with BT apt-X and the extended feature Low Latency. If not using apt-x and LL, you get 200 milli seconds.

Since you say, that you (simultanously ? ) play your E-Piano or guitar, already 40 milli seconds is quite a huge delay. 200 ms is not workable in my opinion.

Even if connecting a BT-Transmitter to the monitor speaker connector ( the one where you had your wired headphones connected to) you will run into this problem.

Bottom line: “Bluetooth is not without delay.”

LG, Juergi

Hi Juergi,
Thanks a lot for the fast reply and for the info !!
200 ms is indeed a really bad latency.
i think i’ll buy a long wire for those headphones. luckily Sony kept the wired option on them.

Cheers mate !