Bluish Gradients Mix Console

Is there a way to change those blue’ish gradients on the MixConsole headers and the buttons? They kinda clash with the gray theme now. (See Attachment)

Also the preferences and other Dialogs have a light blue background. As i recall in 9.5 those were gray, so it feels like Cubase regressed to <9 style of colors.

Aesthetically you are correct. They are at odds.

I don’t know of anyway to be able to modify that diiscrepancy.

Logic Pro has a consistency. The plugins are fine blue.

It concerns me a little that not many others are bugged by this. Which lowers the likelihood of this being addressed by the devs.
Anyhoo … It’s possible that they are hard-coded, but if not maybe someone who has a good grasp of the xml settings can point me to the spot where these colors are set.