BNC cables - impedances and type

Hi to all!

I just did some connections with my UR824 and I hook up a Focusrite Oktopre and a crappy digital mixer into the ADAT inputs of the 824, I used the Oktopre for master clock (since it only can send clock for ADAT or receive for WordClock).

The thing is that sometimes I will need to keep the Oktopre off, send clock from the 824 turn and turn on the mixer (because I use the mixer as a remote Midi controller), and I for any reason I had to turn on the Okto in a middle of a session all the syncro get screw.

So since the mixer and the Oktopre had wordclock ins/outs I think would be better (and less messy) if I just send the clock using the BNC workclock outputs in the 824, I never used BNC cables for Clock (always used ADAT!) So I’m not sure of what to buy.

For what I remember, the impedance of the cable/connectors must be of 75ohms, there’s a neutrik connectors with 75ohms so I will use them, but what cable refers I’m really lost.

A friend who uses BNC for video told me about the RG59 and RG6 cables (both 75ohms) but I don’t know what’s the difference between use one or other in clock applications.

Any of you guys can share your experience with this?