Bombing Run

It’s titled something different in the file, but it’s a remake of some music from an old game. Got a ways to go on it, if I actually do finish it - and I hope I do. I get discouraged when my projects look like a swamp of tracks and takes and short clips, and I can no longer tell what’s what. Usually happens at least a few times on a project, so I’ll gut the entire thing down to the essentials, lol. I probably have a few things to learn regarding proper project management.

The guitar is a strat into an overdrive+boost pedal, and then into my PC and amplified with Cubase 6’s amp sims.

That is a great MAD noise…luv it !!!..Kevin

Thanks! I hope to get back to working on it soon.

First off…Love IT! It will be worth the work to finish.

Personal taste; turn up the lead guitar 1 or 2 db.

Project management; now this is my style and not a professional approach you understand. Open the project, do a ‘Save As’, rename with something creative like ‘Bombing Run II, in the new project – Bombing Run II, you can have ‘at it’ with no fear of loosing the original tracks. I am taking a leap of understanding of what you have got, but hope you get the idea and somehow can apply it to you project. I assume you have multiple takes or snippets of each instrument each on it’s own track, take one instrument say Guitar. Open a new blank track, take each guitar snippet and copy/paste into the new track and line up the timing with the original until all the bits and pieces from multiple tracks make one track. Do Cross fades and Bounce the track to get a fresh looking track. Delete all the other guitar tracks, that’s right delete them. Repeat for all instruments until you have the minimum of track needed.

Alternate method; after making new composite tracks, move all the old tracks to the top of the project, turned off, for future reference; leaving the new composite tracks toward the bottom of the project to be worked on more.

I have done this more than one time, ie; save as; multiple versions of one song so I can edit without fear and can always go back and start again on the original project.

Hope this makes sense and adds a little value to your editing.


Thanks for the kudos and the tip! I guess I currently sometimes do something similar for project organization, though it can take only a couple of hours to clutter it all up again. But I’ll definitely get back to this one soonish :slight_smile:

Ha, love it :smiley: