[BON-10950]GUI issues - project cursor breakup

numerous graphical performance issues have been mentioned by users in the General forum.

below is a reproduction of one of the family of problems listed in this thread http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=70718

what is happening is that the project cursor, while the project is playing and horizontal zooming is taking place at the same time, momentarily breaks up in the ruler area, and makes the orientation in the session a little confusing.

see this picture showing the situation described above:

re: reproduction:
–open a project with many separate audio or midi events
–playback the project
–horizontally zoom in or zoom out
(win7 x64; i7 4930k @ 4Ghz)

reproduction is not be possible here with an empty project; or in a project with a low asio load. but what seems to aggravate these issues the most is the actual number of events present in the project (or to be precise: the number of events currently displayed on screen, that cubase needs to redraw with each zoom change). the project in the screenshot contains 97 tracks and charges only about 60% of the available asio load. however there are a lot of small events present. if these were to be deleted or replaced with single wav files, the cursor break-up issue would be gone as well.

the devil’s in the detail, and the ‘pro’ of cubase pro 8 is claimed to be in the details. and it’s these details that, when you are to spend 30+ hrs/week with a steinberg software, make you throw it out of the window (or more realistically not upgrade your studio workstations).

Yes… Graphics lag in 8. The same sequence plays fine graphically speaking in 7.53.

someone else suffering from this / slightly confused when getting around your project because of this?


I read a post about NVIDIA newer drivers might be having issues with 8.x. I am definitely using NVIDIA vidoe cards. Is anyone with an ATI having issues?

Yeah, my system used a Radeon 5700 and saw this issue. Upgraded to a GTX 750 and 0 difference.

any info on this bug?

Can we keep this alive…this problem is really bad on my system with a large template loaded and the ASIO meter sitting at about 55%. 7.5 was fine. 8.x has real graphic issues.