[BON-12144]Info Line bug.

When Info Line in the Project Window is hidden and I select an event and then hit Ctrl+I to see event’s info, Info Line opens and it’s empty.


  1. New project, Hide Info Line.
  2. Add an Audio or MIDI track
  3. Creat an event and select it
  4. Open Info Line with help of a Key Command or Windows Layout.
    = Info Line is empty. To see the info you have to reselect the event.

However in the Key Editor Info Line works different, if a note was selected you’ll see the info as soon as you open Info Line,
so I’d rather consider this behavior of Info Line in the Project Window as a bug than an idea for a Feature request.


I’m not alone.

Hello again,

Dear Steinberg Team will you move this topic to the collected issues or do you mean this behavior of the Info Line is by design?



will I ever get a simple and clean answer: “yes, this is an issue” or “No, this is by design”??? :question: :exclamation:
Or you guys are so damn busy?
Is anybody in? Do you remember me? I’ve paid my money to you. And my money had no issues and had NO design, you just took them and bought another heap of pampers for your kids or another golden ring for your girl (or boy)friend or whatever… and my money had no License Agreements or restrictions and there’s no matter what platform you use… my money are universal and you can use them 24/7 all around the world.
I don’t want my money back, I don’t want refund of any kind, I want respect. I want answer for my question.


Well, to be honest we are really, really busy, it does not seem as a critical “bug” that might not let you use the application at all, does it?
We have to prioritise all the time, it does not mean that it is not important, but other matters have to be done first. I’ll promise I’ll have a look at it next week and come back to you.

Best regards,

It does that here, too.

You have to reselect whatever to see the data.

So . . open the info line THEN select the event.
Identical number of clicks.