[BON-13390]Listen doesn't replace solo on MCU Expanders

Love the progress that has been made on the MCU functionality since 8.0!

However, I use “Listen” a lot rather than solo.

It would be great if issue number 3 in this post of Dec 2014 could be reconciled:

It reads:

  1. Lastly - a holdover from 7.5x - the Shift/Project key press on the MCU still only enables Listen on the Solo buttons of the master unit - in my case the last 8 faders.

Just checked on 8.0.20. Still a problem.

Is this still on the list? Difficult?
The issue report is filed as “solved” . . . well, not quite!



I would also like to know if this is fixed in the next update or could we have a hotfix as its driving me crazy.
Whats the point of having listen if you cant use it?

Same here, very annoying. Also, the application freezes if I try to use the Shift+Bank 1-8 buttons to view exclusive channel types in the mixer. I’ve made two reports about it but they were buried.

Has anyone got round to trying the new update that came out this week? Just wondering if listen is working yet.

Not fixed.

Same behavior as before.

Only the 8 channels on the master unit work as Listen on Solo.