[BON-13536]Remove offline processing not working on moved pr

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I recently started to run through old archived concert recordings to purge out unused files and freeze those offline processing actions which I consider “safe” to merge with the original. However, I want to remove some of the processing, mostly stuff done with the Studio EQ, and use the EQ on the track instead. Better safe than sorry…
All processing was originally done directly on the files in the pool, and so is also the freezing/removing now.

I keep getting strange results, if I try to deactivate an action, the related audio events go blank in the project window, if I try to remove the action, all related events are removed entirely from the project.
If I then drag the file back in to the project window from the pool, I get an event with zero length.
Freezing the edits works normally, strangely enough.

After some testing I found the culprit, reversal of offline processing is broken if the project (folder) has been moved.


  1. Create a new project in a new folder
  2. Create an audio track and record something onto it
  3. Open the pool, right click the track, choose “Process” and then “Gain”. Enter any value.
  4. Close the project and move the project folder to a new location
  5. Open the project again from that location and try to deactivate or remove the processing from the pool (right click the audio, choose “Audio” then “Offline Process History”)
  6. Should give the results described above

This does not happen with projects saved to a new location using the “Back up Project” operation from the file menu, however, I have hundreds of old project folders that have been moved and renamed manually in explorer over the years so a bug fix would be greatly appreciated.

The problem is present in C7 and C8, but not in C6.

Anyone else up for confirming?


Later I also noted that after freezing edits in moved projects, the related files in the edits folder are not removed.


Just out of curiosity why do you need to move the project folder? Can’t you choose the location right from the start?
As you mentioned the best way to fix this is by backing up the project instead.

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-(mass) backup
-New computer
-Reworking of the project folder structure for workflow purposes

For one or a few projects, of course “back up project” is possible (albeit not intended for moving a project, as the name suggests) but when big structural changes are needed, moving and renaming folders is just the most sane and efficient way to do it.
Do you have the exact same hard drive and folder setup as five years ago, ten?

I’ve got just about every project I’ve worked on for the past 15 years (300? 500?, haven’t counted) saved and backed up on three different locations, some have lived on three different systems so there aren’t many projects that have their original folder structure intact.
Besides, Cubase has (had?) a feature that detects when a project has moved, at least between hard drives, and prompts you to choose recording/pool folder IIRC so this is not a new situation, but rather a loss of functionality from C6 to C7.


I see, I have reported it, I will move this thread to the collected issues forum.

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We have found the reason for this. Since Cubase 7.5 the way the version history behaves has changed, therefore all the projects created before this version will have this problem. If you want to keep using that function you will have to do it in previous version, in your case Cubase 6.The new offline processing (since Cubase 7.5) is no more compatible with previous versions.

You will have to change your workflow accordingly.

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Thanks for the info Guillermo,

I did find a similar bug that is not version dependant, will post in another thread.