BON-13898 not fixed for me C8.5.2

Win 7, 64-bit, Intel Q9300 evga 780i motherboard (bios fully updated), ATi HD4850 video card, Motu 896. Issues identical as originally mentioned here: Steinberg Forums

My old version of C4.5.2 doesn’t exhibit this problem.

Is anyone else still having problems?


sorry, but I’m afraid it is not related to BON-13898, which was a general issue for every system, no matter the video card driver (nVidia, ATI or Intel) or system setup.

I would try to uninstall the driver and install it again, you can try with this version:

I’d recommend to only install the driver, without the Catalyst software (you’ll need to select the custom install and deselect the unneeded components).

Unfortunately, I doubt anyone tested 8.5 with anything older than HD 6xxx cards.

Please, also check Control Panel → Mouse → Pointers. Is it using Aero (system scheme)?

Kind regards,

I’ve done the things you suggested and I’m still having problems. I’ve even reinstalled windows 7 from scratch. Again, C4.5.2 works totally fine.