[BON-16906] Artist 8.5.20, REASON channels lost routing


the other forum tread is locked, so I must post here a new one.

I use a lot Propellerhead Reason, and are months now that each time I open a project, rewired in Cubase (Artist), ALL the routing outputs from Reason are lost and connected to the general “stereo” out. Steinberg Italy told me this issue would have been fixed with the 8.5.20 update, but still the problem remains.
I’m quite disappointed, because one wants to support with joy the software producers, and BUY the products, but it’s not honest to have such a workflow obstacle not solved in all this time. It’s a really simple thing, and it worked fine in 8.0 so …come on.

I hope this issue WILL BE FIXED FOREVER in .25.

So, to sum up:

  • Open cubase Artist 8.5.20
  • Open Reason 7
  • all the rewired channels from reason are routed to a general “stereo out”, instead of their groups, or outputs, as saved in the Cubase file. Sort of “reset routings”
    → slowed workflow and frustration. :slight_smile: