[BON-16906] Cubase 8.0.40 Rewire channels to groups issue.

I believe someone has already raised this issue with the latest 8.5 update, but I want to flag it up for the 8.0.40 update also:

When working with Reason rewired into Cubase, when you assign rewire channels to a group channel, then save, close and re-open the project, the group assignments are not recalled.

This worked correctly in 8.0.30 and before, so something has been broken in the 8.0.40 update.

I know that Steinberg stated that 8.0.40 would be the last maintenance update, but surely they can’t leave us with broken functionality that was caused by the last update?

And fast forward to update 8.5.20 and this still hasn’t been fixed. I dropped Cubase when Reason added audio editing as I was largely working on electronic music and I was having issues using the 2 together. I’m working with more instrumentation and vocals now so I figured I’d cough up for Cubase again, as I’d hoped rewire would be working better with Reason now and instead I immediately run into this issue.

I was told it would be fixed in this update, but it seems not. Considering I use a lot of synths from Reason and the drum machine, I usually have upwards of 10 instruments connected meaning I have to reconnect 20+ tracks to their groups every time I open a project which inevitably leads to mistakes. Seems a pretty fundamental issue for users of Reason and Cubase but it would seem that doesn’t matter??

Note: I replied in this thread earlier, but apparently it didn’t post?

CONFIRMED: I’m getting the same issue here after upgrading to 8.0.40.

This is a HUGE inconvenience and time-waster, having to go reroute EVERY rewire channel to the correct group EVERY TIME I open a project in Cubase. It’s even worse when you’re working with numerous groups, some of which are unnamed, and you now have to waste 20 minutes finding which is the correct group for each rewire channel.

Well… i guess i’m going back to 8.0.30, because this is completely unacceptable for my workflow. I’m actually SHOCKED that this bug would make it through into a update!? Unbelievable Steinberg… You really need to address this immediately!