[BON-16906] Rewire Losing Group Channel Assignments


I have an issue with Rewire losing group channel assignments.

I use Reason with Rewire, and send Output Routing to Group Channels (keys, percussion, etc). When I open a project (older projects that did not have this issue in pre Cubase 8.5 instances), the saved assignments change from my sub groups to Master Output.

Work around is to open a project, change output routing to the intended groups. But even after Save and re-open, the issue is back. The issue is not huge as I can re assign and everything works.

The only thing that has changed in my set up is upgrading to Cubase 8.5.

VST instruments do not have the same issue.

I think that’s enough detail, steps to reproduce are simple.



I use Rewire as well and have found that there are some issues with the way audio is fed from Reason to whatever host. I don’t use any mixer functions in Reason - every output is fed to a channel on the host mixer. And then the only stereo channel is the first one. All others are mono out of Reason to a stereo channel on the host. Want a second stereo out? Feed to 2 stereo channels and sub mix those… too much work…

Yes, it has it’s limitations. So the problem is most likely in Rewire.

It’s worked for years. New issue in Cubase 8.5. I do the same - straight out of Reason to Cubase mixer, then to groups. It’s the group assignment that is the issue.

I have the exact same problem since moving from Cubase 5 / Reason 5 (on Windows 7 Pro) to Cubase 8.5 / Reason 8.3 (Windows 10 Pro).

This happens whether using Reason or Waves rewire tracks, so it’s not a problem with Reason, definitely on the Cubase end.
I’ve sent a report to Steinberg but no news yet, I hope this can be fixed because I rely on rewired Reason tracks quite heavily and having to reroute them manually every time after opening a projet is bound to lead to mistakes.

no answers yet? It’s a very big problem for me now! I have to re-setup al the rewire channels each time!
I sent a mail to the support but no reply yet… ): (

Agreed. I am getting used to the workaround of reassigning all me rewire channels from master out to my custom groups… bass pedals… keyboards… percussion… I would rather not spend the extra time.
Hopefully this is reproduce and logged for real.

I spoke today with steinberg ITALY, the operator told me it should be fixed in the 8.5.20 update. I hope it’s like that because for me is getting a real trouble! finger crossed

Nice to know, thanks for the update.

Moving to Collected issues. Ref. number [BON-16906]