[BON-18482]Render in Place Bug confirmed and identified

Hi, as the title says I identified and can reproduce the bug occurring in Render in place that is being discussed by me and others here in the “Miscellaneous” section of the Issue section of the Forum:

The bug consists in this:
1 Create an empty project
2 add one audio track
3 import an audio file of your choice at the start of the timeline ( )
4 select the end of audio file and reduce its length to 1/16th (set end to
5 set locators to start ( and end ( points (don’t know if necessary when rendering in place but I have done it)
6 make sure that you have tail length set to zero in Render settings
7 Do a render in place
8 Set the cursor at the end of selection (
9 Zoom in at maximum possible zoom where you can see the single samples drawed like rectangles on the timeline (use the “H” letter on your keyboard to do this)

You should now see that the rendered in place file has got an extra chunk of audio with the size of 1 sample (circa?)

This is clearly an unwanted behaviour and should be addressed as soon as possible.Personally is a serious deal-breaker for me.

These are my system specs: Win 7 Pro Sp1, 120 gb ssd, 12 gb Ram, Cubase Pro 8.05, no 3rd party plugins loaded in the project (it contains only an audio track).

I also added a .rar file containing a project for quicly reproducing this bug:all you have to do is open the project and do a render in place, then go to step 9 described above.

I also added an image that shows the bug just for quick reference.

I hope that this will be posted in the “Issue Reports” and not “miscellaneous” section as I tried to do my best at describing and individuate this bug.

Please pay much attention to this bug because its consequences are very very dangerous for the reliability of the software and it can seriously affect the resultant quality of your final product if much attention is not payed to avoid the timing/phasing inaccuracies that this bug can introduce.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This bug affects also “Export selected audio tacks” and “Export Audio Mixdown”, so the title of the topic should be changed accordingly.

Thanks for your attention, I’ll wait for your reports/answers/solutions.

Cubase Render in Place Bug.rar (360 KB)

Having the same problem, even when doing an audio mixdown and importing silence.

I hope this will help whoever stumbles on this piece of shit bug.

I figured out over time that it had something to do with the BPM because all my files that were at 120 and 80 BPM were working perfectly. So it turns out if you view this list here: http://www.buzzmachines.com/reviewfiles/Bpm2Seconds.txt all the numbers with no decimals (8, 6 ,5 ,4, etc) work. So 8=60bpm, 6=80bpm, 5=96bpm and 4=120bpm. All these bpm will not add a sample at the end of your file. Unfortunately that’s the best I got, it’s seems like it’s a bug in software.

I tried to explain as best as I could, English is not my first language. I hope it helps!


still doing it:

pretty poor.

see pic’ (original and render in place version below it)

can confirm.

I don’t understand doing a RIP on audio (I thought it was just applied to MIDI), but more importantly - are you guys saying that an audio mixdown render is showing inaccurate results???

Are you sure you have both of the locators set to identical L/R values?

Mods, can you please address?

Can confirm but only with audio selected that’s 1/16th in length. Longer lengths (I tested from 1/8th upwards) were fine.

Could someone check if the original audio part has an offset in the info line ?
I swear there was no issues last I checked but now… I have to try some more… but something is up.

What’s interesting is I noticed when set to samples in the ruler the part shows the correct length. The difference actually seemed to be less than a sample long.

Hey, I got the same problem like you guys… When I listen to this file in a loop I can listen to a cracked sound between the end and the beginning of the loop. It’s not clearly cutted. I hope steinberg can fix it fast. I got this bug at the beginning of cubase 8 and until now nothing’s changed…

My system is an Intel Core i5 4670K + 16 gb ram + Win 10 Pro on a 240 GB SSD

Greetings Cryzor

Hello all,

This is unfortunately a very fundamental problem which can not be fixed.
Its about PPQ (MIDI) to sample (audio) conversion, where uneven results need to rounded to samples (either there is a sample or there is none, there is nothing like “half a sample”) - which can add or subtract a sample from the intended audio export or render range. It depends on the project tempo. E.g. 2 Bars at 120 BPM or multiples will work, for other tempos it may not because the result in samples requires to round the result is an integer sample value.

Best regards,