[BON-7133]Hiding tracks with EuCon? HELP Steinberg!

Well, that’s good news I guess. I hope it will be possible to show only selected tracks soon in Cubendo.

Thank you for your reply Guillermo. That clears up some things…

…But also raises some questions.

Who is doing the prioritising? It’s not those of us who are supposed to use the software. That’s clear.

What are all those features that are on the list?

Why not publish the list and let us (who will have to live with the prioritising) “vote” on in which order they should be prioritised. That would be listening to your customers!

Please. Just please. I’ve been desperate for this feature for years.

The Artist Series surfaces were released by Euphonix, updated, sold to Avid, went thru a colour change, and have just been discontinued… and we still can’t hide channels on the surface.

(Currently struggling to finish mixing an 84-channel project where I need to do an hour-long automation pass on channels 26, 31, 35, 39, 45, 49, 60, 61, and 75)

Let’s be careful with spreading rumours here. The Control, Mix and Color are still being sold on the Avid site. It appears that it’s just the Artist Transport that has been discontinued.

I’m quoting straight from Avid’s “End Of Life” page - Avid list the the Artist Control v2 (both Avid and Euphonix-branded) as having been discontinued since June this year, and the Artist Transport was discontinued in January. The Artist Mix appears to remain on sale for now.

It’s plausible that there are new revisions of the Control and the Transport coming, but it seems unlikely since that territory is now covered by the Pro Tools Dock.

Avid say they will be supporting the Artist devices for another four years though, so not to panic.

To be honest, I’ll probably just keep running my Artist Series kit until I have a really good reason to change. S3 isn’t selling itself to me so far… not for the money they’re asking anyway.

By the way, I’ve cracked and started using layouts and assignments in the Artist Series control panel software. I’m actually more impressed than I thought I’d be… it’s a little bit slow to set up, but I hadn’t realised you can still bank through other channels on the unassigned faders, while the faders you’ve assigned to channels remain fixed in place.

The other advantage is that you still have immediate access to all the other channels in the Nuendo mixer, so if you have to tweak a channel that’s not on the surface, it’s right there on-screen (which it might not be if you’d hidden lots of tracks in the Nuendo mixer in order to rearrange channels on the hardware fader surface).

Ah shucks, whatever. Back to work.

Can you also assign ARTIST faders via EUcontrol remote editor? I know how to do program the transport, but would love to program the Artist as well?

The EUControl application is exactly where this function is. In the “Assign” section of EuControl you can choose to lock any fader strip on the Artist Mix or Artist Control to a particular channel in Nuendo. The save your fader assignments in the “Layouts” section so you can switch between any sets of fader assignments you create.

It’s pretty basic and non-graphical, but it works.

Thanks taking the time to reply Guillermo. At least we know that hiding tracks is now technically possible. From this post though, it’s not entirely clear whether it is a) already implemented b) on the to do list for future implementation or c) out of scope and never to be implemented. Hopefully it’s in category a.

I look forward to Cubase 9! :slight_smile:

@Guillermo, can you post a list or document explaining what’s currently implemented to support Cubase with Eucon.
2 currently not documented features are:
Hold INSERT long > control VSTi control editor settings
hold EQ long > control Track quick controls in non CHA mode (love it)

For example i would love the INSERTS to work in non CHA as well, while still splash out to CHA mode if needed.
This is implemented for VSTi and Track Quick Controls, but not for Inserts

Has this ever been resolved? Wanting to get an S6 but without MixConsole mirroring that would be a waste. Thank you.

Can’t believe track visibility on the artist mix still doesn’t follow Nuendo.

Would Love To See Eucon S3 Track Visibility Follow the Cubase Mixer…Please :slight_smile:

Me too!!!


Another year another comment asking why this still hasn’t been implemented.

Is Cubase 11 fixing this?


I wonder if this will make any difference…

Are we still without support to hiding Tracks with avid eucon surfaces? Been thinking about getting two s1 or an s3. But not having this feature is kind of a deal breaker for me. What about vca spilling? Is this supported in cubase 11? Any status on the development of this feature?