[BON-7138]still not fixed in 8.0.30 and listed in solved iss

[BON-7138]mediabay complete re-scan folders every launch

Postby ckon » Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:27 pm
Media Bay custon locations are fully and successfully scanned, inlcuding the ‘VST Sound user content’ and ‘VST3 preset folders’ ‘Track presets’

However, every time Cubase 8 pro is re-launched it fully re-scans these locations again! it is clear to see all the folders being freshly scanned e.g yellow, red, then to blue.

Note: Media bay is only re-scanning ‘VST Sound user content’ and ‘VST3 preset folders’ Track presets each time. All other locations stay blue and are not re-scanned.

With exactly the same files/folders Cubase 6.07 does not do this and mediabay works as it should. Cubase 7.5.3 does show this problem.

All folder names as well as files have been checked for unusual characters or unusually long names.

This has been confirmed by other users on Macosx and PC on C 7.5.3