[BON-7197] PLE scripts no longer work when MC has focus

when the mixconsole has focus, none of my PLE macros that make use of visibility work anymore.

–open a blank new project
–open up mixconsole
(for instance) sync mixconsole and project, and try to execute a PLE macro that hides all channels
result: nothing happens
(result for the above steps in c7.5: channels hide)
result when in the project window (both c8 & c7.5): channels hide

could anyone try this and confirm, or suggest a solution?

this is the main issue that made me revert to the previous version.

thank you.

Can you upload the PLE presets?

yes, thanks for looking into this.

sending one such preset (it should be part of the default bank of presets).

i am not sure a .xml file is an allowed attachment, or if it got through with my above post, so here’s an alternate d/l source:



thank you.