[BON-7310]Track-/MixConsole notepads do not respond to mouse

The notepads (Track, MixConsole) are not working properly. You can not select any text with the mouse, you can´t even place the cursor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an audio or midi track
  2. Open the track notepad and type in some text
  3. Try to select some text or to place the cursor with your mouse

My System: Cubase Pro 8 on Win 7 64-bit german

Anoter issue with the mouse cursor disappearing, entering any notes in a previously unused track notepad from the arranger view makes the cursor disappear altogether until you hit the ESC key.

The same thing happens here, both problems.
I’m on Windows 8.1 update 1 x64, Cubase Pro 8 x64



the workaround: use shift + arrow keys to highlight words

I can confirm this issue as well.
The Esc to exit editing doesn’t bother me in the least, but the lack of mouse control in the text field is really irksome.


yes, this is confirmed here as well. The fix is already been worked on, but it won’t make it to first update release, unfortunately. Hopefuly for the next one :slight_smile:


The error is not corrected. When you wrote something in a notepad, after clicking in a field notepad mouse cursor disappears. Pressing returns the cursor on, but you are ejected from the field notepad. Cubase 8.0.10